First portable test run on two systems with different architectures

One of the milestones that we have in MultiXscale is to be able to run the EESSI test suite on at least two different architectures. In the context of EuroHPC that means running on different partitions of the available EuroHPC Supercomputers.  Our initial effort focused on getting the test suite portable between two different supercomputers: Karolina and Vega (the CPU partitions of both are a Zen2 architecture).

More recently we have spent time getting the same test suite working on a more “exotic” architecture, the ARM A64FX architecture of Deucalion (currently in pre-production). This has some additional complications for us as CernVM-FS is not yet natively available there.

The performance/scalability plots we have measured for the ESPResSo application of MultiXscale are below. For full technical details of how we carried this out (and how you can repeat it for yourself!), please take a look at the EESSI blog post on this milestone. We look forward to reporting increased performance for ESPResSo in the future as we implement some of the ideas suggested in our recent deliverable on this topic.

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