ESPResSo Summer School, “Simulating soft matter across scales”, October 7-11, 2024, Stuttgart, Germany

We invite all interested to attend the ESPResSo summer school “Simulating soft matter across scales” on October 7-11, 2024, University of Stuttgart, Germany.

The school will focus on coarse-grained and lattice-based simulations methods to model soft matter systems at mesoscopic length and time scales. We will simulate coarse-grained ionic liquids in electrolytic capacitors, coarse-grained liquids with machine-learned effective potentials, polymer diffusion, hydrodynamic interactions via the lattice-Boltzmann method, and electrokinetics and catalysis with diffusion-advection-reaction solvers. Lectures will provide an introduction to the physics and simulation model building as well as an overview of the necessary simulation algorithms to resolve physical processes at different time scales. During the afternoon, students will practice running their own simulations in hands-on sessions using ESPResSo and waLBerla. Time will be dedicated to research talks and poster sessions.

Invited speakers:

  • Timm Krüger, University of Edinburgh (United Kingdom)
  • Tristan Bereau, University Heidelberg (Germany)
  • Christine Peter, University of Konstanz (Germany)
  • Frederik Hennig, University of Erlangen–Nuremberg (Germany)
  • Matej Praprotnik, National Institute of Chemistry (Slovenia)
  • Pablo M. Blanco, Norwegian University of Science and Technology (Norway)

Attendance to the summer school is free of charge. To register, go to and write a short motivation and CV. You can submit a poster abstract until September 1, 2024.

Feel free to forward this announcement to interested colleagues. A flyer is available at:

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